About Queerlit

How has LGBTQI been described in fiction through the ages? 

The Queerlit project is developing a database for LGBTQI fiction, and a thesaurus for indexation of such themes. On our website, you will eventually be able to see the entire database, as well as do your own, specialized searches in it. 

The fiction in the Queerlit database depicts same-sex desire and transgressions of binary gender norms. Among other things, it thus contains LGBTQI figures. But not only. We have deliberately chosen to include stereotypes, images and delusions. Such depictions are an important part of our history—no matter how misleading they may be. Fiction can bring us insight into opinions, prejudices and fantasies that are otherwise difficult to access. In addition, fiction is particularly important for understanding the conditions of LGBTQI people, as minority groups are often underrepresented in archives.